This is a quick quiz designed to test your knowledge for the California RDH Law and Ethics Exam.

If using paper charts, how should you identify yourself in the chart after performing a service for the patient?

While your supervising dentist is out of the office, you can complete all of the following except:

You learn that your local school board is going to hold a discussion about vending machines on middle school campuses. You decide to attend the meeting to share your opinions about how snacks can affect oral health. This is an example of:

While performing prophylaxis, your patient experiences a heart attack. Emergency response is activated, and the patient is transported to the hospital. Later that evening, the patient died. Under these circumstances:

Bill’s last exam was 5 years ago because he does not have dental insurance. Dr. Harold (your employer) is aware of the situation and allows the patient to continue scheduling cleanings with you since you were hired 12 months ago.